Welcome TATEHUARI, started as artisan jewelry, based on Huichol art, from the state of Nayarit. For us it is a pride to work with artisans of this ethnic group, to live together and be part of their environment, it is beautiful to see their ingenuity to create wonderful and colorful works. Help us to help them, since in addition to giving them a job a percentage of the profits are destined to the education of the indigenous Huichol children.

        On our page you will find handcrafted items made 100% by hand, from jewelry as accessories for the home. Our pieces are unique, designed and made with love for you, likewise each of our pieces is made with materials of the highest quality. Come and discover why, "In each piece we lose a bit of heart" Ask about our wholesale prices, we are Huichol art suppliers in the main Craft stores in Mexico.