Beaded brooch

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Mexican Folk Art
Huichol Art.- Chaquira brooch made by the Huichols of Nayarit. The jewelry made with beads of chaquira is an important element in the clothing of the Huichols, it is an excellent accessory to combine.


  • Handmade item
  • Measure: 7 x 10 cms
  • (2.7559 x 3.9370 inches)
  • Made with beads
  • Mexican crafts

Handmade by artists Huicholes

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Chaquira brooch - Arte Huichol

  • Mexican Folk Art

    Huichol Art (Wixarika)

    Huichol Art.- With the characteristic patience of the Huichol people, the artist's hands transform the tiny bead beads into beautiful motifs, the beads are attached to the piece that has previously been covered with the adhesive (campeche wax). The result is a true explosion of color, full of symbols sacred to the Huichol culture. A must see for lovers of the rich culture of Mexico. Huichol culture is guided by pre-Columbian shamanic traditions linked to ceremonies performed in its historical past. The hicuri (peyote) is the centerpiece of Huichol ritualism, revered for its healing properties and its ability to illuminate whoever participates in it.

    Preparation technique: Beeswax is placed on the figure until it is completely covered, then the beads or thread is glued one by one until it is completed; In its elaboration, the Huichol artist develops various drawings and symbols representative of his culture and traditions.

    Maintenance: To prevent the tiny bead beads or thread from loosening and peeling off, do not expose this piece directly to heat or light as it may melt Campeche wax adhesive (beeswax) and cause damage to the piece .


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